Rack Peformer - some new modules

Next release preview: over 40 new internal modules, and counting!

Live Factory Team's blog - September 13th, 2013
As Rack Performer is getting ready to be unleashed, major features are frozen, yet we are focusing on adding many useful tools for live performance, in the form of new internal effect modules.

Next release preview: upgraded VST GUI-wrappers

Live Factory Team's blog - September 13th, 2013
In order to make advanced functionalities easier to discover, as well as improving the workflow during live-set preparation and composition, we upgraded two GUI-wrappers in next Rack Performer release.
Rack Performer - audio recording options

Next release preview: any-point multi-channel live audio recording

Live Factory Team's blog - April 19th, 2013
Recording live audio sources directly from Rack Performer is now possible with the new multi-channel recorder.

With follow-clock and external control support, it turns the application into a complete multi-track audio recording solution.
Rack Performer - External MIDI Gear

Next release preview: control external MIDI gear with Rack Performer

Live Factory Team's blog - January 7th, 2013
It is now possible to use the supported MIDI output channels to their full extent by controlling external MIDI equipments (synths, beatboxes, effects) connected to them.

A new special module has been added for this purpose, quite simply called "External MIDI Gear".
Rack Performer - 32-Channel Clear-Path Master Module

Next release preview: 4 new master modules

Live Factory Team's blog - November 16th, 2012
We completed the first master modules set by adding 4 new modules in the "clear-path" series.

These master modules cover the multi-channel scenarios needing a master clock source, and offer a clear signal path with minimum processing and maximum transparency.

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