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Rack Performer is a modular host dedicated to live stage performance, with a special emphasis on interface ergonomy and user interaction.

Plug your guitar, your keyboard, your microphone, or even all at once, add any number of effects and virtual instruments and connect them the way you like. You are ready to perform!

Rack Performer - patch mode
Rack Performer - edit mode
Rack Performer - various tools

Rack Performer supports VST plugins (effects and instruments) and thanks to its collection of included internal modules you can perform right away.

All MIDI Controllers are supported (keyboards, pedals, knob and fader boxes, etc) and the Quick MIDI Map feature allows you to configure them in a flash.

With Virtual Screens and Multiple monitors support there is no overlapping windows and all interfaces remain accessible at all time. 

Pre-listen and cue sounds using Dedicated monitoring channels and Any-point monitoring.

Perform in real-time with ultra-low control jitter, and process live audio sources with multi-channel I/O.


Hot features

Modular host

Modular host

High-level modular environment supporting VST/VSTi plug-ins, internal modules, multichannel audio and MIDI.

Use ready-made instruments and effects to create complex patches without needing a degree in electronics or computer science.

Create as many modules as you wish and define the audio signal flow by dragging cables between their outputs and inputs.

Patch size is limited only by your system resources and your imagination

Rack Performer - simple patch
Rack Performer - multi-band processing
Rack Performer - multi-channel processing

Virtual Screens

Virtual Screens

Full-screen interface without scrolling or overlapping windows, based on virtual screens concept.

Dispatch all module interfaces exactly the way you want on up to 8 virtual screens, each holding its own rack of modules.

Switch between screens in a flash by using the screen selector, keyboard F1 to F8 keys or even your MIDI controller.

Always get a clear view of your entire live set and keep everything you need to play at hand.

Rack Performer - screen selector
Rack Performer - module GUI dispatching on virtual screens
Rack Performer - while dispatching, module GUIs can't overlap

Scene Snapshots

Scene Snapshots

Original way to save and recall any instant of your performance in a flash.

All modules have their own presets bank where their state and configuration can be stored and recalled at will in the form of individual presets.

Scene snapshots work on top of the presets system and can be seen as "meta-presets", that is, presets for the whole document state at the moment the snapshot was taken.

Storing and recalling scene snapshots is really easy and instantaneous, using the floating window or your MIDI controller.

Rack Performer - scene snapshots floating window (empty)
Rack Performer - storing scene snapshots
Rack Performer - scene snapshots in action

Sample accurate sequencer

Sample accurate engine

High-precision sample-accurate engine, for low jitter and ultra tight control and synchronization.

All events sequencing, automation and processing (control, notes/MIDI, clock/synchro) is completely sample-accurate from end to end. This means that all nuances of your performance are more faithfully conveyed, recorded and reproduced.

Full sample accuracy also permits to have a complete patch delay compensation (PDC) that is not merely limited to delaying audio signals. And when applied to clock signals, it allows a tight and reproducible external synchronization.

Rack Peformer - sample accurate engine
Rack Peformer - sample accurate control
Rack Peformer - sample accuracy and modulation

Dedicated audio monitoring

Dedicated audio monitoring

Allocate dedicated audio output channels for audio monitoring, ideal to cue sounds on your headphones before playing them.

You are not limited to stereo as this is a real multi-channel dedicated monitor output, allowing to pre-listen 5:1 sources for instance.

The audio monitor has its own floating window with meters, source selection and volume controls.

Rack Performer - monitor source selection
Rack Performer - audio monitoring window
Rack Performer - multi-channel monitoring

GUI wrappers

GUI wrappers

Display module interfaces exactly the way you want and chose amongst a large number of GUI wrappers to build your perfect control surface.

For each module you create in the patch-bay you can select between many different ways to display its graphical interface, from very compact to very large, including of course the original module interface if there is one available.

GUI wrappers can be changed at anytime, making it possible for instance to configure a module using its own full GUI then switch afterwards to a more compact one having just a single presets control.

The idea is simple: focus on what is essential when you are playing live, and hide the complexity you don't need.

Rack Performer - changing GUI wrappers
Rack Performer - GUI wrapper selection dialog
Rack Performer - same module different GUI wrappers

Hot features

  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 or Intel Mac + BootCamp Windows
  • Processor: Intel Pentium 4 - AMD Athlon XP or faster, up to 32 logical processors
  • Memory: 256MB RAM minimum, 4GB recommended
  • Graphics: OpenGL 1.2 compatible video card, 800x600 min resolution
  • Sound: internal or external device, ASIO driver recommended
  • MIDI: interface, keyboard and controllers recommended

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