Next release preview: upgraded VST GUI-wrappers

Friday, September 13th 2013
In order to make advanced functionalities easier to discover, as well as improving the workflow during live-set preparation and composition, we upgraded two GUI-wrappers in next Rack Performer release.

Following our testers advice, we added many common controls to the "racked" VST GUI-wrapper. These controls appear at the top of the wrapper, slightly increasing its total height, while at the same time taking on average less horizontal space (size determination is now smarter)

This new control bar gives instant access to the module Cut-port (Mute for instruments and sequencers, Bypass for effects), VST programs and module presets, as well as a shortcut to make the context menu easier to discover (some people are shy with the right mouse button!)

It also sports input and output peak meters and MIDI in/out activity LEDs, giving more visual feedback about what the plugin is doing. If the wrapper width is large enough, the module name is also displayed, making the distinction between multiple instances easier.

The "thin" wrapper was also upgraded in the process and takes less screen grid space on average too.

As a picture is worth a thousand words, the above screenshot shows the blue and black "racked" wrappers in action.

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