Next release preview: 4 new master modules

Friday, November 16th 2012
Rack Performer - 32-Channel Clear-Path Master Module
We completed the first master modules set by adding 4 new modules in the "clear-path" series.

These master modules cover the multi-channel scenarios needing a master clock source, and offer a clear signal path with minimum processing and maximum transparency.

The 4 new masters are the following, with the largest one being pictured above:

  • Dual-Stereo Clear-Path Master Module (2x2 ins, 2x2 outs)
  • Octo-Channel Clear-Path Master Module (8 ins, 8 outs)
  • 16-Channel Clear-Path Master Module (16 ins, 16 outs)
  • 32-Channel Clear-Path Master Module (32 ins, 32 outs)

They all provide a master clock and associated controls.

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