Next release preview: control external MIDI gear with Rack Performer

Monday, January 7th 2013
Rack Performer - External MIDI Gear
It is now possible to use the supported MIDI output channels to their full extent by controlling external MIDI equipments (synths, beatboxes, effects) connected to them.

A new special module has been added for this purpose, quite simply called "External MIDI Gear".

You just need to add one instance of this module per external gear you want to control from the application.

Each module materializes and represents the external device inside the application by exporting all its controls (Program Change, Pitch Bend, Channel Pressure, all 7bit and 14bit CC's, and even NRPNs) this way you can map and automate those controls like you would with any normal module, and MIDI messages will automatically be sent to the connected external device.

The module also has 8 place-holder control shortcut knobs which can be assigned to any of the module parameters. Those 8 special controls are saved inside each module presets and sent back to the device when presets are recalled, alongside the program number stored in the preset (via a program change MIDI message)

Using external MIDI gear is really easy!

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