Next release preview: over 40 new internal modules, and counting!

Friday, September 13th 2013
Rack Peformer - some new modules
As Rack Performer is getting ready to be unleashed, major features are frozen, yet we are focusing on adding many useful tools for live performance, in the form of new internal effect modules.

Whether you are after a subtly warmer sound or want a clearly gritty and trashy effect, the large range of new overdrives, distortions and waveshapers will cover all your needs.

Add to that new essential utility modules like the crossovers (aka band-splitters) and you can create unlimited multi-band processing chains with just a few clicks. There are also the stereo to M/S converters (both directions) to process your sound in mid/sides representation, which are definitely handy.

Without spoiling the surprise, a lot of effects will be included, like classic, dub and ping pong delays, amplitude and ring modulators, more filters and EQs, bigger mixers...

The screenshot above is a glimpse of some of the new modules added recently, enjoy!

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