Rack Performer Use-cases

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Guitarist / Bassist / Singer / Live musician
Live modular multi-effects processor with Scene Snapshots

Just plug your favorite instrument into your sound card, stack as many effects you wish, and use MIDI pedals and controllers to change parameters and presets in real-time. You are now ready to perform!

You can replace your entire effect chain with a single modular system and use Scene Snapshots to recall complete patch configurations in a flash!

Live instrument backing and augmentation, for practice or on stage

Add backing tracks, loops, live synthesizers, beats or all at once, to play alongside your live instrument.

During rehearsals, when practicing alone, or even on stage, you can add more sound to your musical instrument.

Live instrument recording with multi-channel audio support

Record easily your instrument to disk with up to 32 input channels, support for all standard sampling rates up to 192 kHz and all bitdepths including 32 bit IEEE floats.

The metronome can be routed to dedicated monitoring channels, allowing to record using the tick sound on headphones, while keeping the main mix clean.

Keyboardist / Organist / Pianist
Live multi-effects processor, instrument backing and recording

Add complex effect patches to your synthesizer, as well as backing samples and loops, and control them with MIDI controllers or your computer keyboard, or even directly with your instrument own MIDI output.

Multi-channels instruments are supported, and your performance can be easily recorded to disk.

Live virtual instruments host for stage performance

Turn your computer into a live virtual instruments ensemble by patching any number of synths, samplers and effects and play them live with your MIDI keyboards, MIDI controllers, or even your computer keyboard.

Dispatch interfaces and wrappers on the virtual screens to build your ideal control surface and always keep a clear view on your instruments.

Electronic music performer
Live virtual instruments host for stage performance

Patch any number of virtual instruments and effects and play them live with your MIDI keyboard, MIDI controllers, and even your computer keyboard.

Cue sounds on dedicated audio channels, perform the down-mixing and master processing internally or output on multiple channels and mix externally.

Modular MIDI module / expander, slave in a MIDI setup

Create complex instrument layers and control them with an external MIDI sequencer, like you would with any other MIDI module / expander.

Many instruments can play concurrently in the same patch, and each can have its own dedicated output, if your soundcard can handle it.

Stay in perfect synch using MIDI Clock or MIDI Timecode protocol, coupled with MIDI Machine Control, MIDI Show Control or Standard MIDI.

Home studio production tool, loops and samples creation / recording

Create samples and clock synchronized loops, by combining synths, samplers and live sources and routing them through complex effect chains.

Tweak, carve or mangle your sound using MIDI controllers or your keyboard while recording live, and export all your creations to disk for a later use.

DJ / Turntablist
Per-channel live multi-effect processor, mix backing (before mixer)

Using a multi-channel audio interface, effects and backing samples can be applied in real-time on each deck output (turntable, CD player, etc.) before entering the mixer.

2, 3, 4 or more sources can be processed concurrently, making it suitable for multiple decks situations.

Replace a deck or add some extra live sources to combine records and live performance

The application as a whole can behave much like a turntable deck, you can mix it like any other source by using the manual synchronization controls. Combine classic record mixes with live elements, samples, loops, live synthesizers.

Get the coarse tempo with Tempo Tap, align the downbeats with Sync-to-Push, then push or slow down using Tempo Skew and finely adjust to a perfect match with the fine increment controls.

Live multi-effects processor, mix backing and recording (after mixer)

Spice up your mix! Trigger samples and insert real-time audio effects on demand.

Recall presets and change effect parameters using MIDI keyboards, MIDI controllers or your computer keyboard, and record your whole mix to disk.

Band / Mixing engineer / Live venues
Live virtual instruments host for collaborative stage performance

Up to 4 musicians can play on the same machine thanks to multiple monitors support, each one having its own set of virtual screens.

Each player can control his own part of the patch using MIDI controllers and keyboards, and output on dedicated audio channels.

Final mix can be performed by the software or on an external console.

Live virtual instruments host as part of a band, using MIDI synchronization

You can play with other electronic musicians and stay in perfect synchronization by using any of the supported protocols: MIDI Clock, MIDI Timecode, MIDI Machine Control, MIDI Show Control.

With the Live Synch mode, you can even join a running master and synchronize relatively to the position where you join, thus achieving complete rate and phase locking.

Live virtual instruments host as part of a band, using manual-synchronization

Play as part of a band alongside traditional instruments and musicians, performing creative live sampling, playing synths, drums and making rich layered soundscapes.

Stay in time with the others using the easy manual-synchronization controls, or why not replace the battery for instance, and handle all the rhythmic section by yourself and have the others synchronize to you?

Per-channel live multi-effects processor, instrument backing and recording

Add live multi-effects processing to all band instruments, per-channel and in real-time (live inserts, live sends, any connection scheme supported)

Thanks to multiple controllers support, each musician can control his own patch remotely or the whole mix can be performed in a centralized location by the band engineer.


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