[Rack Performer 0.99-beta2 - detailed release notes]

[Rack Performer 0.99-beta2 - detailed release notes]

--[Version 0.99-beta2]--

[FEATURE] New Audio Recorder with associated floating window and global application control ports for external mapping (source/volume/enable/cut)
[FEATURE] Any-point Recording allows to record audio from any patch location(s), pre or post processing level, and stream data to disk in real-time
[FEATURE] Monitor groups and associated groups management dialog (allow record source switching and complex source selections)
[FEATURE] Follow-clock recorder option makes the audio recording start and stop with the master clock (sample accurate)
[FEATURE] One file for all channels or one file per channel recording option
[FEATURE] Application can export audio to EBU RF64 file format (all bitdepths, including IEEE Float32)
[FEATURE] Application can export audio to WAVE file format (all bitdepths, including IEEE Float32)
[FEATURE] Audio recordings above 4GB in size are automatically converted to RF64 format

The brand new audio recorder has been introduced in this blog post. It is the major new feature in this release.

[DETAIL] VST programs and banks (FXP/FXB) can be imported and exported via the "VST programs" module context menu

Requested feature.

[DETAIL] It is now possible to swap any module with any other in patcher by selecting them both and clicking "swap" in context menu
[DETAIL] Swapping master modules now keeps the patch connected (as much as possible)
[DETAIL] New "disconnect" patcher action allows to remove all audio links from the selection, while trying to maintain patch integrity
[DETAIL] Holding a modifier key (shift or control) when using "disconnect" in patcher simply breaks all links without trying to keep chains connected
[DETAIL] Reduced the amount of patcher redraws when performing live editing
[DETAIL] Peforming patcher actions on a multiple selection triggers a single patch live update (some actions did not)
[DETAIL] Creating patch audio links while holding modifier key now also works for 1:N and N:1 cases
[DETAIL] Creating multiple patch links at once creates a single action history entry (for undo/redo)
[DETAIL] Master modules with stereo-pairs audio I/O have bundled pins in patcher like normal modules
[FIX] After undoing module deletions, power status leds were sometimes not updated in patcher

Many much-needed patcher improvements, including the new "swap" and "disconnect" actions.

[DETAIL] It is now possible to monitor master module outputs (APL slots)
[DETAIL] Improved mono-mode audio monitoring "use only first source channel" option to monitor the first connected bundle channel (and not just the absolute first)
[DETAIL] Mono monitor sources expansion is now also performed when the source port is not mono but a single channel in the bundle is connected
[DETAIL] Added new hidden option to disable automatic mono monitor sources expansion to all monitoring channel pairs (useful for multichan monitoring)
[FIX] Monitoring multiple master module inputs in the same monitor group did not work
[FIX] Dual-Stereo Master Module had incorrect individual input monitor hook slots
[FIX] Monitor groups content and current monitor group index were not properly loaded from document

Many improvements for the audio monitor.

[DETAIL] Modules having both MIDI keyboard control focus and a permanent MIDI routing to the same input channel no longer receive redundant events

Note that it is still possible to combine a permanent MIDI routing and a dynamic MIDI keyboard control focus routing for a given module, as long as the two don't come from the same source.

[DETAIL] Holding shift or control when selecting the "Enable" menu items can be used to force disabling

Should come handy when crashed MIDI drivers can't be closed for instance.

[DETAIL] Menu items are accessible via standard Alt+letters key combinations in edit mode even when menu is hidden

Requested feature. Now works as expected.

[DETAIL] VST modules with MIDI output stop sending data when their cut-port is activated (muted)

It's a mute port emulation for VST MIDI modules but it has some drawbacks in its current implementation.

[DETAIL] Added a keyboard shortcut to minimize application (Ctrl+Alt+W)

Requested feature.

[DETAIL] Screen switcher control ports values are displayed in a more natural way (no longer zero-index based)
[DETAIL] Better default values for Matrix mixers and routers modules
[DETAIL] Improved configuration wizard VST path selection step (guessed path is preselected)
[DETAIL] Added two QuickStart guides to the "help" menu

Minor changes.

[FIX] Added a backwards compatibility fix (pre-0.98 documents could not undo the VST module delete action)
[FIX] Recurrent "CORE CALLBACK - OPCODE 3" error when sending MIDI to some VST plugins (ex: Analog Factory)
[FIX] Regression in OSMTS1 module broke the "pitch" control
[FIX] There were one too many items per group in VST plugin listings with the auto-group option on
[FIX] Regression in previous version broke audio latency display in patcher
[FIX] When recalling VST presets (chunk modes) in SA or HA emulation mode, cut-port events timing was slightly inaccurate
[FIX] RemoteControl XY Pads modules did not update their GUI properly when only one axis was mapped
[FIX] Fixed cosmetic bug on Dual-Stereo Clear-Path Input Module GUI (always on vumeter)
[FIX] Regression in 1toN Switch and N-way Switch modules GUI (value selector control)
[FIX] Fixed "CORE CALLBACK - OPCODE 4" error when displaying context menu for VST's with no audio outputs
[FIX] Hitting "End" or "PgDown" keys in patcher could scroll the view out of range

And our usual lot of bug fixes, thanks to all testers for the bug reports!
Live Factory Team

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