Quick but complete MIDI control mapping!

Wednesday, January 6th 2010
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Next Rack Performer release will go through a major overhaul on the MIDI front as many features are being implemented or completed.

Amongst those, Quick MIDI mapping has received a particular attention and is now fully functionnal, including 14-bit CC and NRPN mappings, enabling support of high resolution controllers.

As live performance is all about control, it should be dead easy to configure your favorite control interface. Just right-click on any GUI control and select "Quick MIDI map..." as shown here:

Quick MIDI control mapping

Now here the fun starts: in the dialog that pops up, you can select a large number of useful mappings, "linear" being the default.

"Exponential" and "logarithmic" mappings are especially nice when mapping frequency controls which are not expressed in log curves.

"Switch" and "inverted switch" make any control behave like a on-off button, "increment" and "decrement" are perfect to map preset and / or program changes, and "Jog-wheel" is a special mode where one single control can increment or decrement any value by returning to a "dead-zone" each time (a bit like the pitch bend control physically works)


Quick MIDI mapping

At this point and in most situations, you just have to move the control you want to map on your controller and the auto-learn function will do all the work for you. The dialog closes and the control is mapped.

However, more special controller types are available as mapping sources: high definition 14 bit controllers (CC or NRPN) can be mapped too, in which case you must select the correct type first as to give a hint to the auto-learn function.

You can also map individual keys on your MIDI keyboard by selecting "note velocity" or "note aftertouch" as control source.

Channel messages like "program change", "pitch bend" and "channel pressure" can be mapped to and will be detected automatically.


MIDI control mapping source selection


Many more MIDI-related features will come in the next release, including MIDI keyboard focus, MIDI thru routing, simplified MIDI patching (to route MIDI input to modules) and a lot of other additions, so stay tuned!

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