Next release preview: metronome config options in Rack Performer

Friday, May 7th 2010


Rack Performer metronome configuration screen
We are currently working on the musical clocks and external sync, meaning next Rack Performer release will be a major milestone on the usability side, featuring at last a fully working "clock enabled" master module!

In the process, we're developing the Metronome feature, so here's a preview of what's coming next.

The Metronome can operate in two different modes: audio and MIDI.

In audio mode you can chose to have the Metronome output mixed with main outputs, as you would expect, but you can also have it output on the Dedicated Audio Monitor. There's also an option to run the Metronome in mono mode (with channel selection) which should cope with nearly all possible in-ear or stage monitoring scenarios.

The audio mode provides many preset sounds (classic metronome, electronic, human voice, etc.) but if you prefer custom sounds, you can choose the MIDI mode. In (internal) MIDI mode, notes are presented on the selected MIDI input and you can patch any instrument to play them, be it a synth, a drum machine or what fits you best.

Individual MIDI notes and velocities are configurable as well.

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