Rack Performer 0.93-alpha4 is released

Rack Performer 0.93-alpha4 is released
Rack Performer version 0.93alpha4 is now available here. We fixed some bugs and added new features. Do not hesitate to report the various problems you might encounter, and your impressions and ideas using the forum for this purpose.

Your feedback will be much valuable.

Live Factory team wishes you the best for 2010.

New features:

  • MIDI mappings are now saved and loaded in document
  • Preset and bank copy/cut/paste is now functionnal in preset management window
  • It is now possible to recall module initial states in edit mode by using module context menu

Minor modifications:

  • Improved mouse warp in patcher allows for unrestricted selection move
  • Preset management popup behaviour is now more consistent
  • Improved automatic updater to handle incremental multi-updates

Bug fixes:

  • Refresh problem in various GUI controls when reloading document
  • Refresh problem in preset management window when clearing a preset in one-shot display mode
  • Update problem in preset management window when using next/prev buttons
  • Bug where HPC sync source could be selected even if HPC was not available
  • Patcher bug where patch links were hidden when "show zones" option was unchecked
  • Regression in manual dispatch cinematic where screen would switch to previous state
  • Warning message could be hidden under dispatch window when GUI size was too big
  • Patcher bug where ending link drag with right mouse button led to a crash
  • Patcher bug where links could be created to non-existant pins
  • Many minor bug fixes

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