Rack Performer 1.0 is released

Rack Performer new logo
Rack Performer version 1.0 is now available for purchase here.

We would like to thank all our mighty beta testers for their participation and invaluable feedback, and we wish you a happy new year in 2014!

A lot of things happened during the final private beta testing phase, the most noticeable being surely the revamped logo. We hope you like it!

Under the hood, the application engine was upgraded, we polished a lot of details, and all reported bugs were fixed.

We started rolling the new internal modules out. This wave focused mostly on classic effects, overdrives / distortions and waveshapers of all kinds, the new K-Series live mixing console and many more! A lof of exciting things are in preparation and the toolbox content will keep growing!

Here are the most important changes that happened during the private beta phase:

New modules:
  • K-Series Console x16 (16 channel mono/stereo mixing console with 3-band EQs and internal PFL/AFL monitoring)
  • 3-Band Equalizer (this is the K-Series Console equalizer in standalone form, to process up to 8 channels)
  • 4-Band Crossover (split signals into 4 frequency bands on separate outputs)
  • 3-Band Crossover (split signals into 3 frequency bands on separate outputs)
  • 2-Way Crossover (split signals into 2 frequency bands on separate outputs)
  • Ping-Pong Stereo Delay (classic bouncing stereo delay, with optional asymmetry and pre-filters)
  • Dub Delay (analog style delay with filter and saturation)
  • Delay (10 seconds delay with optional feedback)
  • Long Delay (60 seconds delay with optional feedback)
  • Ring Modulator (with internal or external carrier and leakage control)
  • Amplitude Modulator (with internal or external carrier)
  • RC Hipass 12 (high-pass correction filter, -12dB/octave, non resonant)
  • BPM Meter (real-time BPM display with detection parameters)
  • Beat Meter (beat visualization with detection parameters)
  • CamoMute x1 (simple mute control for up to 8 channels)
  • Overdrive Mk1 (soft overdrive/distortion)
  • Overdrive Mk2 (soft overdrive/distortion)
  • SuperPunch (punch overdrive)
  • SkyDrive Mk1 (distortion)
  • SkyDrive Mk2 (distortion)
  • Black Fuzz Mk1 (hard fuzz-type distortion)
  • Black Fuzz Mk2 (hard fuzz-type distortion)
  • Pink Fuzz (very strong asymmetrical distortion)
  • Sasquatch Distortion (strong dual-distortion unit, clearly on the heavy side)
  • ParaShaper (parametric waveshaper covering a wide range of extreme distortions)
  • PolyShaper (versatile waveshaper, harmonic exciter)
  • Phase Correlation Meter (display average cross-correlation product for any signals pair)
  • M/S to L/R Converter (convert a mid/sides signal back to stereo)
  • L/R to M/S Converter (convert a stereo signal for mid/sides processing)
  • Haas Pseudo-Stereo (create or modify stereo image by using precedence effect)
  • N to 1 Averager (downmix N sources then divide volume by N)
  • Asymmetrical Saturation (asymmetrical soft saturation/overdrive)
  • Soft Clip Mk1 (symmetrical soft clipping)
  • Soft Clip Mk2 (symmetrical soft saturation with variable hardness)
  • Spectrum Inverter (low becomes high, works well with drum kits)
  • Infinite Limiter (hard waveshaper, removes original amplitude envelope)
  • Half-wave Rectifier (asymmetrical waveshaper)
  • Full-wave Rectifier (asymmetrical waveshaper, octave doubler)
  • Bit Quantization (waveshaper, variable bitdepth reduction)
  • DC Offset (waveshaper, adds variable DC offset)
  • Asymmetrical Gain (asymmetrical waveshaper)
  • Amplitude Inverter (hard waveshaper, inverts original amplitude envelope)
  • Asymmetrical Clip (asymmetrical signal clipper with optional automatic gain compensation)
  • Hard Clip (symmetrical signal clipper with optional automatic gain compensation)
  • Latency Calibration (special two-parts module to perform round-trip or point to point latency calibration)
  • Remote Fader x2 (assignable controls)
  • Remote Switch x4 (assignable controls)
  • Remote Knob x4 (assignable controls)
  • Remote Presets (remote display and control of any module presets port)
  • Remote Display (remotely display any control port value in the patch)

  • All internal modules are now intelligently muted/bypassed (much less CPU load while still maintaining the same live playability and sample accuracy when cutting)
  • Various improvements around automatic patch delay compensation (PDC)
  • Improved the "racked" VST GUI-wrapper (now sports a top control bar giving access to many controls as well as visual feedback)
  • Improved the "thin rack" VST GUI-wrapper (now includes a title bar with module name and a shortcut to the module context menu)
  • Following the "perform mode" refactoring, changed the keyboard shortcuts for mode changes ("Tab" toggles between patch and edit, F12 toggles power and F11 toggles perform mode)
  • Application can now be used in fixed installations, fully automated with no screen and no mouse nor keyboard
  • RoboControl and Automation modules (ex: LFO) phase is saved/restored with presets, scene snapshots and when saving the document
  • RoboControl and Automation modules target changes are now sample accurate
  • Controller-class modules (automation etc) can now target global application control ports

For a complete list, please refer to the changelog: http://www.livefactory.com/updates/RP/ChangeLog.txt

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