Rack Performer 0.96-alpha3 is released

Rack Performer 0.96-alpha3 is released
Rack Performer version 0.96-alpha3 is now available here.

This release offers an advance on four different fronts: new multi-channel master modules completing the clock-free series, new multi-channel mixers completing the Camo Mixers series, improved readability and coherence of windows and GUI fonts, and many corrections and improvements especially around legacy wave engines (MME and DirectSound)

The new master modules complete the basic clock-free line and allow to use the maximum audio I/O channels count (up to 32 inputs + 32 outputs)

Camo Mixers now come in various flavors: x4, x8, x16 and x32. All support multi-channel connections up to 7:1, making the x32 version a 256 audio channels mixer.

We hope the new fonts will solve all reported problems and improve readability. The fonts are ClearType optimized and really look a lot better when this system option is turned on. We would like to have your feedback on this issue, as we are unsure if it's an acceptable solution under Windows XP (ClearType is not enabled by default under XP, whereas under Vista and Seven it's on)

We also fixed and hardened the legacy wave engines, as well as many other details.

New modules:

  • Octo-Channel Clock-Free Master Module (8x8 master)
  • 16-Channel Clock-Free Master Module (16x16 master)
  • 32-Channel Clock-Free Master Module (32x32 master)
  • Camo Mixer x4 (simple 4 channels mixer)
  • Camo Mixer x8 (simple 8 channels mixer)
  • Camo Mixer x32 (simple 32 channels mixer)
  • Stress Tool (special stress-load test module)

Minor modifications:

  • More uniform fonts and enhanced readability
  • Various GUI speed and performance optimizations
  • Master module state is now saved in scene snapshots
  • CPU overload protection can be set from config menu

Bug fixes:

  • Corrected a sneaky problem linked to patch buffer sharing optimization
  • Corrected many font-related display issues
  • Fixed possible reentrency path in CPU overload protection
  • Repaired all multi-devices DSound wave engines
  • Hardened DSound wave engines (better stress resistance)
  • Improved X-run detection in DSound wave engines
  • Improved X-run detection in MME wave engines
  • Fixed nasty bug in "Auto Poller MME" wave engine
  • Fixed nasty bug in "Compact Cluster MME (single)" wave engine
  • Fixed "Auto Poller MME" wave engine soft-start
  • Fixed "Flexible Propeller MME" wave engine soft-start

For even more detailed release notes, please read this post.

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