Rack Performer 0.96-alpha is released

Rack Performer 0.96-alpha is released
Rack Performer version 0.96-alpha is now available here.

In this new version we mostly focused on the feedback we got, and the most important fixes revolve around VST support and VST scanner improvements. Application is now way more stable and usable.

We still managed to add new features and this time the Keyboard Mapper got pimped up and is now completely functional, including all submap types, new simplified mapping types (control focus vs action keys) and a brand new configuration dialog to select layout and numeric pad mode.

Module Control Focus has also been improved with the addition of Keyboard Control Focus, making it bi-directional: keyboard follows global module control focus, but keyboard can also change focused module or focused parameter.

Under the hood, there are new global control ports for Scene Snapshots, Virtual Screens and Audio Monitor, meaning all those parameters can be mapped (MIDI, keyboard..) like any other parameter in the patch.

We hope you'll enjoy these new additions.

New features:

  • Major rework of the keyboard mapping types (simpler, more consistent and uniform)
  • New keyboard layout selection and configuration dialog allows to setup the keyboard mapper easily
  • Keyboard follows and can also change module control focus (aka Keyboard control focus)
  • Keyboard focus lock can force keyboard control focus to stay on a given module until manually unlocked
  • Control combo mode for numeric pad keys adds extra controls to interact with the focus target

New modules:

  • New mini blank GUI wrapper, smallest possible GUI while retaining full control focus ability

Minor modifications:

  • Global control ports can be mapped directly via their associated window (monitor, metronome, screens, snapshots etc)
  • Scene snapshots have a new global control port for external mapping
  • Screen switchers have a new control port for external mapping (one per monitor)
  • Simplified keyboard submap types, all types are now properly implemented (keys, controls, presets and blank)
  • Keyboard mappings can control specific ports or follow module control focus (wild card mappings)
  • New option to make screens follow module control focus (or not)
  • Preset management window behavior is more consistent (pinned popup or control focus mode)
  • Clock and global application control ports mappings are correctly saved to document
  • Clock location and parameters are saved to document
  • Tempo tap now takes current time signature into account

Bug fixes:

  • Improved VST support (many previously crashing plugins should work now)
  • Corrected VST scanner and simplified black-listing code (previous version could produce false positives)
  • Monitor group dialog made application crash under Windows Vista (and following versions)
  • Selecting GUI wrappers for internal modules didn't work properly
  • Increased delay before refreshing window when editing presets and scnene snapshots
  • Under some particular configurations, switching screens could blink sometimes
  • Fixed a display bug in preset management window (ghost presets when empty)
  • Bug in patcher allowed to create patch links to hidden pins (variable I/O bundles only)
  • Removed redraw flicker in Virtual Keyboard

For even more detailed release notes, please read this post.

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