Rack Performer 0.95-alpha is released

Rack Performer 0.95-alpha is released
Rack Performer version 0.95-alpha is now available here.

With the brand new Master Clock and its associated Transport Bar the fun really starts now, as you are able to play with sequenced instruments and time synchronized effects.

The Transport Bar is packed with useful features to make hand-synchronization with other musicians a breeze, like Sync-to-push, Tempo Tap and Tempo Skew which works like you would do when "pushing" or "slowing" a vinyl.

While full clock control and sync input (slave mode) will be implemented in the following releases, there are situations where you can't sync using machine protocols (like MIDI clock or timecode) It's the case when playing with musicians using more traditional instruments for instance, so we are sure these features will come very handy!

The Screen Switcher has been revamped to a new sexy side-bar, make sure to check the new option in the configuration.

The Metronome announced previously on the developers blog unfortunately didn't make it for this run, but at least you can play with its numerous configuration options while waiting for next release!

This is really a major milestone for Rack Performer and there has been a lot of changes and fixes. Documents saved with previous versions might not work properly with this update (for some users only) we are sorry for the inconvenience. When we will leave alpha testing phase compatibility breaks like this should not happen again.

New features:

  • New HUD transport and synchro bar at the bottom of the screen for quick clock access and instant resync
  • Multimode location display integrated in transport bar
  • Sync to push feature integrated in transport bar (bar restart taking latency into account, push to sync to external source)
  • Time signature selector integrated in transport bar (changes are quantified to bar boundaries)
  • Tempo skew up and down (V-push) feature integrated in transport bar (push tempo up or down like you would with a vinyl)
  • Tempo tap feature integrated in transport bar (approximate external tempo by taping in rhythm)
  • Added two synchro config options to set precise ADC and DAC latencies

Minor modifications:

  • Automatic CPU overload protection shuts down DSP when processor can't handle patch load
  • Added a global option to enable or disable alternative mouse control (shift+drag)
  • New option to select screen selector(s) position(s) between old floating style and new left or right compact display
  • Added Virtual Screens WatchDog (should tame down plugins playing not fair with their parent window)
  • Added an option to automatically enter "Edit mode" on document loading
  • ADC and DAC latencies are now displayed in "info and latencies" dialog
  • Added support for 176kHz and 192kHz sampling rates
  • Improved internal clock source long term calibration accuracy
  • No longer assuming 4k page sizes, actual value is fetched from OS
  • Added WOW64 detection code (32bit running on 64bit OS)
  • Improved CPU type and extensions detection code
  • Improved OS detection output for easier debuging and support
  • Added two commands in "dispatch" menu, to lock and unlock all GUIs at once
  • Added magnetic notch support to knobs, for easy centering
  • Power is automatically disabled when system enters sleep or suspend mode
  • A message is displayed in ticker when battery state is low (mobile devices)
  • Master inputs GUI can now receive control focus too (it was already the case but it wasn't clear on screen)

Bug fixes:

  • Documents saved on localized systems could not be opened on systems with other locales
  • Some ASIO control panels made wave engine crash if displayed while power was on (disabling power now)
  • Bypass (cut-port) was not working properly with VST modules
  • Program number and cut-port state was not serialized correctly to document for VST modules
  • Full-chunks preset mode for VST modules did not save program number nor cut-port state
  • Fixed some problems with module control focus when dispatching module GUIs
  • Loading a document with patcher auto-shrink disabled was not centered on screen

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