Rack Performer 0.94-alpha3 is released

Rack Performer 0.94-alpha3 is released
Rack Performer version 0.94alpha3 is now available here.

Audio monitoring is fully implemented, with all modes and options enabled, giving you nice vu-meters to monitor any source or group in the patch, and easy access to its volume control.

You can monitor any source pre or post processing by selecting it via the module GUI context popup or by using the source selector on the audio monitor window.

Monitor groups can be recalled very quickly by using this same selector, meaning it's easy to pre-listen or cue many sources at once, and switch back and forth between groups on the fly.

The Virtual Keyboard makes its first appearance in this release, you can read more about it here.

New features:

  • Audio Monitor Window, displays monitor vu-meters and allows to select source and set monitor volume
  • Virtual Keyboard, allows to play and program instruments on screen with the mouse

Minor modifications:

  • Master module wave inputs can now be monitored like any other module inputs
  • Modules can now have internal monitor hook slots, ex: for PFL or even more complex cueing
  • Monitor group selection is now a global application control port which can be mapped, like Monitor volume
  • Any-point monitoring now also works when monitor is in overlay mode, as it can be useful sometimes
  • Active monitor source is now saved in document
  • MIDI keyboard lock status is now saved in document

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