Rack Performer 0.94-alpha is released

Rack Performer 0.94-alpha is released
Rack Performer version 0.94alpha is now available here.

This release is focused on MIDI support. Amongst the most noticeable features you will find fully working Quick MIDI mapping, module MIDI source patching, MIDI routing (through mode) and MIDI keyboard focus.

New features:

  • New "enable power" menu item to enable all processing, MIDI, sync and control at once
  • 7bit CC, 14bit CC, NRPN, Note velocity and aftertouch are available as MIDI mapping sources
  • Chan pressure (aftertouch), Pitch bend and Program change are available as MIDI mapping sources
  • New MIDI control mapping curves available (lin, inv, exp, log, switch, inc, dec, jog etc...)
  • Simplified MIDI patching allows to redirect MIDI input to any module in the patch in just a few clicks
  • MIDI routing allows to redirect any MIDI input device to any output device (through mode)
  • Module Control Focus is a global mechanism by which control sources are automatically routed to the selected module
  • MIDI keyboard focus, redirects the configured MIDI keyboard input to the focused module
  • MIDI keyboard lock forces control focus to stay on a given module until manually removed
  • Automatic document saving option with configurable interval

Minor modifications:

  • VST modules now have a Cut-port (bypass or mute depending on the plug-in type)
  • Bypass is now working on processor modules which have a Cut-port (ex: RC-LP24)
  • Added missing hints in configuration dialog (mouse over controls to get more info)
  • Improved error tolerance when quiting document
  • Added a warning when debug mail couldn't be sent

Bug fixes:

  • Incremental document filename saving was not working properly
  • Possible crash in Quick MIDI map cinematic when closing dialog
  • Refresh problem in preset management window when pasting presets acrosss banks

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