[Rack Performer 1.1 - detailed release notes]

[Rack Performer 1.1 - detailed release notes]

--[Version 1.1]--

[FEATURE] Live-sets allow to create collections of documents (ex: songs) and recall them easily during the concert performance
[FEATURE] Live-sets are stored as .RPS files and are created and edited with the new live-set manager window
[FEATURE] Live-set individual documents can be recalled by a unified keyboard or MIDI mapping in direct-select or select+validate modes
[DETAIL] When switching live-sets documents with a controller, selection is displayed in ticker (+ option to disable)

The new live-sets feature is described in this blog post.

[FEATURE] New modules tree in patch mode allows to create modules faster (drag and drop or double-click)
[FEATURE] Search bar in modules tree narrows down the displayed list when characters are typed
[DETAIL] Modules tree can be displayed or hidden via the "Patch" menu

The modules tree is described in this blog post.

[FEATURE] New "notes velocity" internal MIDI effect allows to create velocity layers and splits (as well as creative velocity compression/expansion/noisegating effects)

With this new built-in MIDI effect you can filter incoming MIDI notes by velocity as well as remap the velocity to a new value. It is possible for instance to have one instrument play only when you hit the keyboard softly, and another one play when you hit it harder. You can also create layers by having a second instrument (or more) play in unison when you hit the keyboard harder than the configured treshold.

The velocity remaping feature allows to compress or expand the received velocity value and complements this MIDI effect very well.

[FEATURE] Magnetic patching makes audio link creation in patcher quick and effortless, by just moving modules close to each others to add new links
[DETAIL] When draging audio links in patcher the link now snaps to the closest target when closing in
[DETAIL] Clicking on an audio pin in patcher with a keyboard modifier key pressed disconnects that pin
[DETAIL] Magnetic patching can be enabled and disabled using the "patch" menu
[DETAIL] Added visual feedback of the outcome when patching multiple pins at once in patcher using keyboard modifier key
[DETAIL] Selecting multiple links with mouse plus keyboard modifier key in patcher is less tedious (previously any off-click would lose the selection)

A lot of important changes to streamline the patching experience and make it as quick and effortless as possible.

[DETAIL] Virtual screens can be re-ordered by drag'n'drop directly from the "dispatch" dialog (same behaviour as the screen switcher floating bar)

There were some differences in behaviour between the virtual screens widget inside the dispatch dialog and the one in the screen switcher floating bar. Now they work exactly the same and you can re-order the virtual screens directly from the dispatch dialog.

[DETAIL] Clicking on the recorder peak display when not recording now resets the peak value

Previously you had to click the "cut" button to achieve the same effect, now both methods work.

[DETAIL] Documents (live files) can now have a title distinct from the file name (title is editable in the "info and latency" dialog)

This is an attempt to uncouple the semantic title from the file name. Names are of course completely optional and just a convenience.

[FIX] Presets box GUI control did not enforce presets port custom upper bound

When creating a custom range for a presets port, the associated GUI control could still recall presets outside of that range.

[FIX] After a quick keyboard mapping cinematic, keyboard mapper could become enabled while in patch mode (mappings are normally enabled only in edit mode)

Only a minor problem.

[FIX] "Decrement" MIDI mapping type could produce incorrect control values sometimes

Due to a bug in the code decrementing too much could make some control ports have a very large value instead of the expected minimum value.

[FIX] When starting the main window looked maximized but was not completely maximized

Another minor annoyance making the "minimize / maximize" main window functions a bit awkward.
Live Factory Team

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