[Rack Performer 1.01 - detailed release notes]

[Rack Performer 1.01 - detailed release notes]

--[Version 1.01]--

[DETAIL] External MIDI Gear: added a special "Out Offset" control port (allows to delay sent MIDI messages in order to align the application audio output with the gear one)

With this new special control port, you can delay all MIDI events sent by any particular instance of the External MIDI Gear module. By default, the application will send all MIDI output events slightly in advance of the audio being heard (of course it can't break causality and output them before they are created!) In most cases this should be fine as is but in some setups the slaved MIDI gear might play slightly too early. Using this offset you will be able to precisely align the MIDI gear audio output with the application audio output.

We recommend to adjust this offset to temporarily assign the control port as one of the 8 shortcuts on the module GUI, this way you will just have to slowly turn the knob to find the right spot. You may remove the shortcut when you are done.

[DETAIL] Presets port max bound is now exposed (allows to span controllers to a smaller range)

You can access this new exposed upper bound by opening the "Parameter info" dialog for the particular presets port you want to alter. By doing this (and overall this works the same for all control mappings, including MIDI and keyboard) it is possible to restrict the control port range to a subset of its possible values only, meaning your controller will span less values using the same amount of movement, making it less sensitive and easier to use.

For example, if some module only has 6 presets in total, you could set the upper max bound to 6 then map this presets port to your MIDI controller. Moving the knob will then select preset 1 to 6 over its entire movement range (meaning 1/6th of the knob range per preset, instead of 1/127)

[DETAIL] Presets (and Scene Snaphots) control ports now have a more intuitive 1:1 mapping with 7bit MIDI controllers

Mapping presets and snapshots to 7bit MIDI CC was a bit confusing, now there is clear 1:1 correspondance, even if only the 100 first presets and snapshots are accessible (mostly a UI limitation)

[DETAIL] Floating windows positions and visibilities are now saved and restored
[DETAIL] Improved multi-monitor workflow by having modal windows always appear on the monitor closest to the mouse
[DETAIL] Main menu in "Edit" mode is now displayed on the monitor on which the main application window (Patcher) is located

Small details that really improve the workflow, as there was too much back and forth during multi-screen operation previously.

[DETAIL] Adding label modules to the patch no longer restarts the wave engine

This was requested and there was indeed no real good reason for that behaviour.

[DETAIL] Improved PolyShaper module performance

Reduced CPU consumption for this waveshaper module.

[DETAIL] Individual ASIO channel names are now displayed in the "audio devices" config tab

Should help resolve the cases with some sound card drivers where the first channels listed are not the ones expected (ex: digital I/O listed before analog I/O)

[DETAIL] MIDI input is now enabled even when there are incorrect device mappings (ex: unplugged controllers)

Application is more tolerant to unplugged controllers and will now try to open devices as much as it can, without refusing to enable MIDI input when some fail.

[DETAIL] New hidden option to select ClearType (default) or Standard fonts anti-aliasing method (note: application does not attempt to change the method if AA is already enabled)
[DETAIL] To display properly, application now automatically enables fonts anti-aliasing when it is running (plus hidden config option to disable this behavior)

Our fonts are designed for anti-aliased display and apparently some users were not seeing them the way it was expected. Note that this is mostly a Windows XP problem as later OS versions enable anti-aliasing by default.

[DETAIL] Added new ticker events filter option to show/hide keyboard scene snapshots change events

Works the same as for individual module presets, but for scene snapshots. Get visual feedback of what snapshot you are recalling by having its name displayed on the screen ticker.

[DETAIL] To make technical support easier, VST plugins black-listing reasons are now saved in the DB and included in the logs

Should help us help you!

[FIX] The "Turbo Charger ASIO" wave engine (used in NIMO and MIMO configs) reported incorrect latencies

This was a pretty embarrassing bug, and a silly one on top of that! But if you were not trying to synchronize to other machines, you had no reason to notice.

[FIX] Fixed support of VST plugins reporting a negative number of programs (ex: MrRay73)

If something is not expressly prohibited, you can be sure someone will do it! That is a recurrent problem with the VST spec.

[FIX] Regression in manual GUI dispatching cinematic on multi-screen setups
[FIX] Corrected a few edge cases around multi-monitor support

More improvements around multi-screen support.

[FIX] Although it had no consequence, it was possible to select unpowered or deleted modules into record and/or monitor groups

That was not really a bug, but as it made no sense, now it cannot happen at all.

[FIX] VST effects with MIDI out capabilities had a "mute" control port instead of the expected "bypass" type

The code wrongly assumed plugins with MIDI out were all instruments.

[FIX] Following a regression in previous version, PDC was not systemically applied the first time patch was powered on after loading

You had to power on the document twice for the correct PDC to be reported and applied.

[FIX] Using some scan settings, duplicated VST plugins could be incorrectly black-listed
[FIX] Even with "automatic plugin black-listing" option disabled, VST scan should now properly resume and skip the bad plugins
[FIX] Corrected one possible edge case when using the "clear cache" function of the VST scanner

Hardened the VST scanner again, after having found some edge cases.

[FIX] Some VST plugins did not get Control Focus when interacting with their GUI controls

This issue is not completely fixed though as a few plugins still require clicks on the GUI wrapper part in order to properly get control focus (but that only affects interaction with the mouse)

[FIX] An incorrect value could be displayed sometimes in the parameter info dialog after applying changes
[FIX] On some setups (possibly XP only, infrequent), the screen ticker could appear to be stuck
[FIX] Recalling scene snapshots with the keyboard mapper did not work properly in some cases

Some minor fixes.
Live Factory Team

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