[Rack Performer 0.98-beta2 - detailed release notes]

[Rack Performer 0.98-beta2 - detailed release notes]

--[Version 0.98-beta2]--

[FEATURE] The new "live synopsis" is a centralized interface to manage all document mappings easily
[FEATURE] New "mappings" module context menu entry displays the live synopsis for the selected module only

This new dialog is a very nice addition and allows to see in a glimpse what is and what is not mapped, and to what it is mapped.

It also allows to use the quick MIDI map cinematic for VST modules parameters, as this was previously impossible when not using GUI wrappers.

We will surely add more content to the synopsis over time, but this first version is fully functionnal.

[FEATURE] Patcher operations are no longer disabled when patch is powered, but remain locked when perform mode is enabled
[FEATURE] Perform mode semantic has changed: it can be enabled or disabled independently of the main mode (patch or edit)

We changed the perform mode and more importantly, the patcher is no longer locked when the patch is powered on, meaning you can edit the patch without disabling/reenabling power.

[FEATURE] VST Shell plugins (ex: Waves) are now fully supported

Waves users will surely like the addition. Unlocks hundreds of new plugins.

[FEATURE] Presets links allow to link module preset numbers together such that changing any link member also changes the others

Very useful feature for electronic musicians playing live: preset numbers of any modules can be linked together such as changing any presets will also change all linked ones.

Mapping and automation are also simplified as you only need to map or automate one link member.

[FEATURE] Quick keyboard map allows to easily create control focus key mappings

This works exactly like quick MIDI map, but allows to create "set control focus" keyboard mappings on either module parameters or on modules themeselves.

[FEATURE] Implemented "free-wheeling" synchro config option (default: on)
[FEATURE] In full slave mode with free-wheeling off, application stops and re-locate when timecode or clock signal stops (not requiring transport control commands)
[FEATURE] In live synch mode with free-wheeling enabled, stoping and restarting the master makes the application properly re-lock synch

This completes the external synchronization feature and allows full MIDI timecode slave mode without requiring a transport control protocol (like MMC or MSC)

[FEATURE] Patcher copy, cut and paste operations are now functional
[FEATURE] Modules can now be renamed (new entry in patcher module context menu)

Basic but nonetheless important previously missing features.

[DETAIL] Current monitor group is now properly updated when modified via the monitor groups dialog while engaged

No longer need to unselect and reselect the current monitor group to have the monitor GUI update.

[DETAIL] Ticker size is now dynamic and adapts to displayed content
[DETAIL] Ticker events to display can now be filtered by type, in the general configuration tab

Sexier and potentially less intrusive ticker. You can now select which kinds of events should be displayed or not.

[DETAIL] Refactored the (rather useless) "flat plugin listing" option to "automatically create sub directories when lists are too large"

Previous option was useless for large collections. With the new one, sub folders are created in the plugin listings when the folder contents are too large (or for shell plugins for instance)

You will no longer encounter ridiculously large and inconvenient scrolling popup menus.

[DETAIL] Slightly optimized VST plugin scanner (again)
[DETAIL] Added a "clear cache" button to the VST configuration tab (force a full deep scan)
[DETAIL] Added new hidden compatibility option (default: on) to support some faulty VST plugins (ex: Model-E, VB-1)

Some improvements on the VST support front.

[DETAIL] New hidden advanced option to set the synchro-lost duration before triggering free-wheeling (default: 300ms)

Longer freewheeling means better master dropout support but also increases the delay when starting/stoping in pure MIDI timecode slave mode.

[DETAIL] Local module latencies are displayed in patcher when doing manual patch delay compensation

For the rare people wishing to do the patch delay compensation by hand, this little detail will make their life easier.

[DETAIL] Application now properly installs for non-admin user accounts (some support files and shortcuts were missing)
[DETAIL] Added hidden advanced config option to change user data directory location
[DETAIL] Required fonts are now loaded dynamically to prevent accidental user deletion
[DETAIL] Now reverting back to default system MMCSS profiles when custom ones are not available
[DETAIL] Added a new "carbon fiber" screen background

More robust installations, including user data directory respawning feature...

[FIX] Resolved some edge cases around "CRC check" and "name check" plugin listing options

Some quirks that could lead to plugins being incorrectly black listed.

[FIX] Some recent VST plugins (ex: Model-E re-edition) were not properly listed during scan
[FIX] OpenGL patcher surface could be corrupted when using some VST plugins built with the same technology

[FIX] Resolved a crash that could happen when creating VST modules with special GUIs (ex: Mobius2)

More VST support.

[FIX] Corrected an edge case around audio output channels offset (when monitoring dedicated channels are in use)

Very exotic problem when using dedicated monitoring channel located before the main document channels and using the audio output range offset in patcher.

[FIX] Fixed a rare race condition that could happen on mono-core machines with some ASIO drivers

Problem could be experienced when tweaking the wave engines configuration with document powered on. Strange bug...

[FIX] Corrected some button refreshing problems in transport bar when changing synchro engine settings
[FIX] Metronome in MIDI mode could sometimes retrigger the first down beat when tempo was zero
[FIX] Swapping master modules did not clear scene snapshot data properly
[FIX] Error appearing in log when using the custom MMCSS profiles right after installation
[FIX] Angular modes for knob controls have been fixed and re-enabled
[FIX] Minor error appearing in log sometimes when closing some documents
[FIX] "Edit" menu items were re-enabled after a right-click on a locked patcher object

...bug fixes!
Live Factory Team

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