I love the idea of livefactory, do you have any idea when you will release the alpha stage to the public? I really would like to take part on the testing, any ideas what you would like to price this product? Can't wait to hook my mpd32 on and work in an abstract environment like this. I like the idea of not getting distracted by fancy interfaces.

Could you say something about how you'll implement looping&resampling and give us an indication when version1.0 will be here. 2/3 years?


Thank you for your interest in our products.

One thing is sure regarding Live Factory: it will not be released until Rack Performer v1.0 is complete.

Technically speaking, RP is LF locked into what is called the "Classic Modular" mode (LF has 3 modes corresponding to 3 different paradigms: classic modular, classic multi-track and freeride (aka Meta-Sequencer)) Also RP lacks the real-time master inserts and controls section (Freeride Controls) and has a simpler multi-CPU management code. But under the hood they share the same core engine.

We will have to make a strategic decision when RP is released and this decision will potentially greatly impact LF release date. It revolves around the "when do we implement Mac OSX support?" question.

As for the price, we can just promise it will be fair.

You'll be informed when there are any news on this front. Meanwhile, we'd like to remind you that we will offer free RP licenses to those participating actively in the testing phase, so please give it a try and tell us what you think about it.
Live Factory Team

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