Review - Rack Performer RP.1.00-RC1-NFR

Review - Rack Performer RP.1.00-RC1-NFR

Overall the versions are improving.

There are still issues that I feel need addressing, particularly the "patch Mode" GUI, but I'm assuming they will be dealt with later.

The K16 mixer is a welcome addition - although in "Patch Mode", the GUI, especially the +- when adding removing channels is inelegant. But it does work. In "Edit Mode" the K16 mixer works well. I find the pan slider could be clearer graphically, perhaps more contrast with the knob slider vs background - or even a rotary pan knob would be fine. I would like to be able to [double click] or [ctrl click] for the pan to go to a default center position. Otherwise it looks good, the EQ sounds good (I like the EQ on/off switch].

The metering works well - although I wonder, does the peak indicator on each channel peak when the input is too hot or when the channel out is too hot? It seems like it peaks when the input is too hot. If this is true, maybe the peak LED could be next to the input gain knob.

I encountered an issue when trying to "Auto Dispatch" plugin GUIs in the EDIT window - nothing happened. I had to do it manually. Which is what I usually do anyway.

That's all I have for now. I'll try to get more time ASAP to test some more.
H / UDmr

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