Next release preview: pure control operation mode with the new special "no-audio" master module

Friday, January 16th 2015
Rack Performer - pure control no-audio operation mode
The application can now operate in "pure control" mode, running MIDI sequencing, processing and routing patches, by using the new special "no-audio" master module.

This new master module has no audio pins in patcher and is able to run patches without needing to open any audio I/O. In fact, no sound-card is required in this mode you just need real or virtual MIDI I/O.

Just add the "no-audio" master to your patch like any regular master, then add any number of VST MIDI effects, sequencers, arpeggiators and the like, as well as internal Robo-Control RP effects and special "External MIDI Gear" modules. All MIDI routings and mappings work as usual, turning the application into a powerful modular MIDI processor, sequencer and patch-bay.

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