Next release preview: one preset to rule them all!

Friday, October 5th 2012
Rack Performer presets links

Scene Snapshots offer a very fast mean to recall entire patch presets, but they don't offer much granularity as they always apply to all modules.

Sometimes you would like to have an instrument and all the effect chain patched after it change their presets at the same time, and this is what the new Presets Links are about.

By defining links between module presets ports, you can control any number of modules with a single mapping (MIDI, keyboard...) as changing any preset number in the link will also change all linked modules to the same number.

Of course you could achieve a similar result by creating multiple mappings but the difference when using Presets Links is that all changes are guaranteed to be atomic and sample accurate (ie they happen at the exact same instant) and it goes beyond mappings, because even changing a linked port with the mouse will also affect all the others.

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