Next release preview: introducing the Live Synopsis

Monday, October 1st 2012
Rack Performer live synopsis

As live performance is all about control and interaction, we try to make the human-machine interface configuration as simple as possible.

The Live Synopsis offers a clear and intuitive way to manage all mappings from a centralized location.

Next release will see the addition of the Quick keyboard map feature, which works similarly to the Quick MIDI map one, and allows to map very quickly keyboard keys to set the control focus on specific module parameters or the module itself.

With these approaches, you create mappings by selecting a control on screen, launching the appropriate quick mapping cinematic, and moving a knob on your MIDI controller or pressing a key on the keyboard. While this works fine for internal modules and GUI wrappers, VST plugins could not use those mechanisms until now, because their graphical interfaces are not entirely under application control.

The Live Synopsis offers a hierarchical centralized view of everything mappable in the document (including global application control ports) where you can see instantly what is or what it not mapped, and more importantly to what it is mapped. From there, you can add new mappings with just a few clicks by launching the quick mapping cinematics.

You may also display the mappings for any particular module by right-clicking on it's GUI and selecting the new "mappings..." menu entry, and the synopsis will be displayed for that module only.

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