Next release preview: filling the gaps in Rack Performer

Thursday, August 18th 2011


Rack Performer filling the gaps
While many advanced features have been present in Rack Performer for a long time, the application was very "bare-bone" content-wise until now. Next release will see a big leap forward with the addition of a handful of internal modules.

First, the initial set of GUI wrappers will be completed, with the addition of the FaderBox wrappers and PopupDesign wrappers. The latter allowing to gain a lot of screen real-estate while retaining the ability to display the original GUI in a floating window.

RemoteControl and RoboControl modules will also be introduced. These modules like the XY Pads, Remote LFO, Remote Knob, etc, offer a very simple way to control and automate other modules in the patch.

Then a lot of mixing and routing modules, including switches, matrixes and much more will also be included, allowing to cover nearly all patching scenarios.

Finally many other goodies will find their way into next release, but we prefer to keep them secret for now, so you get a nice surprise!

Stay tuned!

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