Next release preview: faster patch creation workflow using the new modules tree

Tuesday, September 9th 2014


Rack Performer - modules tree in patcher
To reduce the number of actions needed and make the patch creation process more fluid, we introduced the modules tree.

Nothing fancy about it: it is just practical and useful. Located on the left side of the patcher (and thus visible only in patch mode, where it is relevant) the modules tree allows to create modules faster than using the main menu or patcher context menu.

You can add new modules to the patch by either double-clicking on the tree items, or by using drag'n'drop from the tree to the patcher (with the advantage of placing the module exactly where you drop it)

There is also a very handy search bar included that will narrow down the modules tree contents as you type. For large VST plug-ins collection this can save a lot of time.

Over time we will make the modules tree evolve to include even more goodies to make your life easier, stay tuned!

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