Next release preview: create keyboard splits / layers / merges using the builtin MIDI effects

Thursday, November 1st 2012
Rack Performer - MIDI effects configuration
We added three basic but powerful MIDI effects that can be applied to each module MIDI input: message filter, notes range and notes transpose.

By combining these effects it is now possible to create complex keyboard splits, layers and merges, as explained in this post.

A new entry is available in the module right-click context popup menu, as shown in the image above, called "MIDI effects". Each module has its own independant MIDI effects. Their number and order is fixed for now but we plan to add more in the future.

The first one is the message filter, and it is the module-level MIDI filter discussed in our previous post. Its default value for all newly created modules can be set from the config menu. It allows to get rid of unwanted message types (like clock/synchro messages for instance) before they can reach the module.

The second is called notes range and allows to create keyboard splits easily: you could for instance have Synth A react to the first 4 octaves of your keyboard, then Synth B to the next 2 octaves, and so on.

By making ranges overlap, it is possible to create keyboard layers and merges: multi-timbral instruments or textures, playing in unison and controlled by a single keyboard.

The last effect is called notes transpose and will transpose up or down all notes falling into its configured notes range. You could for instance have the first two octaves of your keyboard play octave 4 and 5 of Synth A, then the next two octaves play octave 4 and 5 of Synth B, etc.

We are sure that these new features will delight all live keyboardists!

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