Next release preview: advanced synchronization config options in Rack Performer

Saturday, June 5th 2010
Metronome in Rack Performer
Synchronization with the outside world when playing music on a computer is a complex and vast topic, but when you need the best precision and accuracy and can't afford any compromise with your musical work, you have to dive in the deep subject called latency.


While ASIO drivers report more or less precisely real audio input and output latencies, it's not the case when using other driver types. Most of the time, the only sure thing an application knows about a sound card latencies is the latency introduced by the buffering scheme it uses (double buffering most often) and the processing latency itself (including Patch Delay Compensation)

This is only a component of the total latency. The remaining part is highly variable and consists of the various OS abstraction layers and interfaces, the internal driver latencies and the converter latencies (ADC and/or DAC) Let's call them the ADC latency and DAC latency to shorten things up.

We introduced two new advanced configuration options to set these two values. When using ASIO drivers the values represent an offset around the driver reported values, which might be correct enough for you, meaning in most cases you won't have to change them. 

The two values are grouped under the "Fine latencies" block in the "Synchro" configuration tab. You can also get a sneak peek of the upcoming Synchro Input and Control Input features configuration, although we can't promise you that they will be included in the next release...


Rack Performer synchro configuration tab


Actual and precise latencies can be displayed at any time by opening the "Info and latencies" dialog found in the "Live" menu, as seen below:


Rack Performer info and latencies dialog

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