Keep hearing about Rack Peformer, but wonder where Live Factory is?

Sunday, October 3rd 2010


Live Factory - about box
While our clear focus at the present time is to release a finished product, Rack Performer v1.0, work on Live Factory continues in parallel, and in fact, it never stopped.

You might not hear much about it in our recent news, but Live Factory is doing fine.

Rack Performer and Live Factory share the same engine and part of their codebase.

In fact, Rack Performer is a light-weight version of Live Factory with the Meta-Sequencer, the Freeride Controls and other features removed, as well as a simpler patcher.

What does it mean? Every time we add a new feature to Rack Performer, we're also adding it to Live Factory at the same time, so it's constantly progressing.

That being said, there won't be any test version of Live Factory available until the first official release of Rack Performer v1.0, so be patient!

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